Our Process

An overview of how we work with our clients.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a simple hiring & working experience, an unobtrusive on-site video service, and a final product that leaves our clients, their event attendees, and all related on-site vendors requesting to work with us again.  Based on our custom-built workflow and technical expertise, we are confident that we can provide your conference with the highest quality videos at the best price.  We are proud to share that ALL our conference video clients have re-hired us.

Getting a Quote & Hiring Bash Films

  • Request a free quote online through our website, or you can contact us toll free at (877) 634-7348 to receive direct assistance. Initial quotes are provided within 2-3 business days.
  • After your quote has been delivered, our team will discuss your custom needs with you, and adjust your quote based on any specific requirements and delivery expectations/formats to work within your budget.
  • Based on our previous discussions and the requested deliverables, a video production contract is delivered for your review. An initial deposit is processed to secure our services, and we get started immediately.

Preparing For Your Event

  • We build custom frames and graphics to ensure your videos will match your event’s branding.
  • You provide us with relevant information you would like included in your videos such as font type or logos to be utilized in intro clips, animations, or credits.
  • We provide you a sample video showing what your videos will look like based on the custom frames and the additional elements you provided us.
  • We coordinate all travel and equipment needs (included in your quote), communicate with the A/V team regarding technical elements, and schedule our on-site setup.

Filming Your Event & Delivery of Videos

  • Our team arrives, we set up, and we film your event.
  • Depending on your delivery needs and budget, your videos can be available within 24 hours, a few days, or a few weeks after your event.
  • After the event, we have a quick call to review how everything went, and we look forward to discussing your next event.