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Bash Films specializes in conference video recording services for events of all sizes. Whether your organization is holding a weeklong event with multiple tracks or a smaller one-day event, our event videography teams produce the highest quality conference presentation videos customized for your event. We encourage you to review some of our publicly available recordings to see and hear the Bash Films quality difference.

Before Your Conference

Before your event, our graphics team will build custom backdrops, picture-in-picture frames, and graphics to match your branding. Your organization can choose to include the presenters’ name, talk title, or any other relevant information on each of your videos.  We build multiple custom frames to accommodate both 4:3 and 16:9 presenter slides.  Additional elements such as intro title cards, motion graphics, and sponsor recognition slides can also be added.

During Your Conference

Our event video production teams film each presentation in 4K Ultra-high-definition resolution with either single or multiple camera setups. Our custom-built production workflow incorporates our proprietary motion-tracking system, ensuring you don’t receive any complaints about “the presenter falls out of frame in the video!” comments.

Unlike other vendors, we do not use 3rd party “recording/streaming” software to capture slides. This ensures your presenter video recordings and the presenter slides are filmed without layers of compression, which can limit the look and quality of your videos.

Editing / Delivery of Content

All edited conference videos receive motion tracking, color correction, audio leveling, and audio cleaning. The final videos are exported in the media formats needed for your publishing needs (YouTube, Internal Hosting, Vimeo, etc.).


We work with budgets of all sizes and can provide a variety of packages to work within your budget. Contact us toll-free at (877) 634-7348 to speak with a representative about your event’s specific needs or request a free quote through our website.

Highlight Reels & Promotional Interviews

Our event videographers can conduct interviews and film testimonials with speakers, attendees, and exhibitors providing content vital for marketing your event. These additional elements combined with video of the location, atmosphere, and presentations enable our award-winning editorial team to produce promotional video content for your future marketing needs.

Highlight Reel with Interviews

Sizzle Reel